Drawing meme : Sorting house

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MessageSujet: Drawing meme : Sorting house Sam 14 Mai - 15:48


Ça fait un bail que je voulais le poster ici mais à chaque fois j'oubliais (lol).
C'est un meme dessiné assez sympa qui vous pousse à vous dessiner en ayant choisi une maison dans Harry Potter, un patronus et vos matières préférées, c'est assez sympa haha.
Donc le lien du meme est celui-ci et il suffit d'appuyer sur "Download" et de choisir la maison qui vous correspond c:

Après vous écrivez vos matières préférées et votre patronus haha (n'hésitez pas à le faire haha)

Pour moooi (dis bitchface et dis shitty art):

Pourquoi le panda ?
Parce que je suis un gros truc qui ne fait rien de ses journées sinon manger, dormir et procrastiner. Ma vie est passionnante.

Plus sérieusement, parce que "The panda is a resourceful animal, and those with it as a patronus are the same. They are good at using whatever is around them, and incredibly creative and bright. They are friendly and warm, and many may go to them for advice or help, which the panda will willingly give. They are a bit of a healer by nature, enjoying company around them and using it to enhance themselves. They love to explore many areas of knowledge and the world, trying to broaden their horizons and keep their minds open. They can be very spiritual people, but will not push their views on others, as they are comfortable with whatever a person chooses to believe. The most common house for a panda patronus is Ravenclaw, the most common signs are Pisces and Cancer."
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MessageSujet: Re: Drawing meme : Sorting house Sam 14 Mai - 16:12


C'est censé être un renard lol:

-> "The fox is a natural trickster, and brilliantly charismatic. Those with this patronus are often more reserved, but do have the social capability to speak to just about anyone. They are strongly ambitious and observant of the behaviour of others, watching key points in what others do and storing them for further reference, when they may need them. They are good talkers, meaning they can convince people to do what they want and make them think it was their idea in the first place. The happiest memories of a fox is getting what they want, and a person who thinks on these things fondly may very well have a fox as their patronus. The most common house for a fox patronus is Slytherin. The most common signs are Libra and Gemini."

Je ne suis ni Balance ni Gémeaux (CAPRICORNE EN FORCE WSH) mais bon, osef hein ? xD

Evalyn râle en #cc9999.
Merci Alyna pour l'avatar !

"Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

Merci Keith !:
Je suis Ron Weasley
Je suis Ron Weasley

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Drawing meme : Sorting house

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